Get the flu shot — or get fired?!

The greedy, power-hungry hands of Big Pharma are at it again — digging their claws into yet another personal aspect of our lives: Our jobs.

And because the public’s health lies so overwhelmingly in the decisions of Big Pharma, they’re chomping at the bit to take away our freedom of choice where vaccination is concerned.

And the story like the one I want to share today is just about as predictable as it is infuriating…

Get the jab, or lose your job

The flu shot is increasingly becoming mandatory on job sites — despite all the evidence showing that it doesn’t really work. Which makes the fact that employees are actually being fired for failure to comply even more outrageous.

Yes, people are actually losing their jobs for passing on the flu shot…

It happened just recently to a nurse at Mercy Hospital South in St. Louis. And yes, I’m naming names. But don’t think this is the only hospital doing this kind of thing, because believe me, it’s not.

In fact, about two-thirds of hospitals now require their employees to get flu shots, citing a plateau in vaccination rates over the last several years. (For the record, rates among healthcare workers hover around 75 percent overall  — much higher than it should be, if you want my humble opinion.)

Vaccination rates among employees required to get flu shots, on the other hand, are around 95 percent. And while that may look like a successful policy to some, I think it’s downright disgraceful!

Don’t get me wrong. I feel that those who do choose to get the shot, should.  But you know what? People who receive the live vaccine should have to wear a big letter “F” on their outer clothing, because guess what — you’re contagious for three days after receiving it.

Yes, you can get the flu from the vaccine itself. And yes, I realize I’m being Hawthorne-esque here. But that’s my opinion, and it won’t be changing anytime soon.

A public up in arms

The one good thing to come out of this story? A healthy amount of public outcry.

Protestors rallied to support this nurse against what they (rightly, in my opinion) called a violation of her rights. According to the organizer of this demonstration, it really isn’t about the flu shot at all. It’s about an employee’s freedom to choose.

Mercy didn’t have any comment on this latest debacle. Their spokesperson merely stated that the goal of the policy is to save lives  — despite the fact that there’s not a single clinical study to support their decision!

Plus, there are sick days and vacation days available to employees, if flu prevention really is the point.

To be fair to the Mercy system, it appears as though they’ve granted vaccine exemptions on occasion. Records shows that in 2018, 170 employees made a request to opt out of receiving the flu shot. And a majority of them were granted, on legitimate medical or religious grounds.

But the workers whose requests they deemed invalid were offered a choice between vaccination and job loss. And that’s quite a dictatorial move, if you ask me.

Especially when you consider that no one even entertained an alternative  — like wearing a mask during flu season, for example. And that, according to protesters, this particular Mercy hospital had denied everyone’s request for exemption. Even when accompanied by signed statements from doctors and religious leaders.

For a vaccine that’s not even close to 100-percent effective, this kind of Draconian solution is beyond ridiculous. Because you know what? It’s not a solution at all. It’s just another example of Big Pharma winning… again.   

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