Good news for epilepsy sufferers, bad news for Big Pharma: Simple diet changes slash seizures in half.

In the first study, conducted at Johns Hopkins University’s Adult Epilepsy Diet Center, researchers analyzed data from 78 study participants following a modified Atkins diet. And in just one month, more than half of the patients experienced a staggering 50 percent drop in seizures. In fact, 36 percent of the patients stopped having seizures altogether while on the diet.

The second study was done by researchers at the epilepsy center at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago. Most of the patients in this trial followed a modified Atkins diet, but a handful followed a low-glycemic index diet. (The main difference between the diets was daily carbohydrate limit. The low-glycemic index diet allowed fewer grams of carbs per day than the modified Atkins approach.)

Once again, patients cut the number of seizures they typically suffered in half.

This is huge.

In fact, one of the researchers commented that the effects of low-carb diets appear similar to—if not better than—Big Pharma’s anti-epilepsy drugs.

All without the side effects that can accompany anti-seizure medications, such as dizziness, insomnia, edema, weight gain, and difficulty concentrating.

In fact, 79 percent of the patients reported overall improved quality of life. Which can make even more of a difference in the life of someone with seizures than the actual number of seizures they have.

Not that this comes as a surprise to you, me, or any of my patients. Of course you feel better once you eliminate sugar and processed foods and limit carbs. That’s what the Hamptons Diet is all about: feeling better and getting healthier. No matter what condition you might be facing.


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