Green coffee beans aid weight loss

Here’s more research to support my recommendations…more exciting news about green coffee bean extract.

A new study provides more evidence that this supplement is a great aid to weight loss. The results were presented at an annual meeting of the American Chemical Society.

In the 22-week study, 16 overweight men and women took green coffee bean extract for two six-week periods. First, they got 700 mg, then after a “wash-out period” they got 1,050 mg. They also took a placebo for six weeks during the study.

Everything else about their lifestyle stayed the same. Their diet didn’t change (they were monitored to make sure). And they got some physical activity.

On average, the group lost 17 pounds during the study (some lost 7 pounds, others lost 26 pounds). The biggest weight loss occurred with the higher-dose coffee bean supplement. The group also lost an average 16% body fat.

Folks, these are impressive results. And, this is exactly why green coffee bean extract is in my TrimLogic product. And while the dosage in TrimLogic is less (you’ll get 225 mg per day with the recommended use), you’ll get added support from the rest of the ingredients. If you don’t see the results you’d like, you can also try doubling the recommended dose.