HALT cognitive decline with a daily multivitamin?

Data suggests that 70 percent of supplement users take a daily multivitamin.

Do you?

If not, you might want to reconsider.

Because research reveals this safe and simple pill-popping habit could work WONDERS for the aging brain…

Bringing YEARS of cognitive decline to a screeching halt.

Promising, recurring evidence

Perhaps you remember a past Reality Health Check, which highlighted the conclusion of the COSMOS-Mind study. (If not, click here to get the details.)

Well, new data published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition reiterates “clear evidence” behind the benefits of taking a daily multivitamin on the aging brain.

This exciting conclusion stems from two data sets…

  • An in-person, in-clinic cognitive study that consisted of nearly 575 patients (called COSMOS-Clinic).
  • A meta-analysis that pulled data from 5,000 participants of three separate COSMOS studies (COSMOS-Clinic, COSMOS-Mind, and COSMOS-Web).

There was no overlap in participants.

Turns out, after two years of taking a multivitamin, the COSMOS-Clinic trial linked the supplement to a modest benefit on global cognition, compared to placebo. (Global cognition includes orientation/attention, memory, verbal fluency, language, and visuospatial processing.)

And the meta-analysis found strong evidence of benefits for both global cognition and episodic memory (the recollection of past experiences).

In fact, taking a daily multivitamin HALTED age-related cognitive decline by an impressive TWO years, compared to placebo!

Find a high-quality product

It’s important to remember that not all multivitamins are created equal.

These analyses used the Centrum Silver brand. But as always, I recommend finding a brand you trust.

Then, ensure your high-quality multivitamin contains at least 22 essential vitamins and minerals providing 100 percent (or more) of the recommended daily value.

(BONUS if it includes additional ingredients to support other areas of health.)

In fact, my NuLogic Nutritionals product, MetaMulti Advanced, might be a good fit. Just head to my website, www.DrPescatore.com, and search the “Shop” tab (or click here). As always, I recommend discussing adding any new supplement to your regimen with your doctor first.

(You can also learn about more benefits of multivitamins by searching the archives.)


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