Hearing loss is a SECRET SIGN of a life-altering condition?

Hearing loss is one of the top five causes of disability in the world.

Indeed, it’s more prevalent than diabetes OR cancer.

And of course, it can profoundly affect your livelihood.

But did you know it may also be a secret sign of a life-altering condition?

Here’s something that could help…

Deter dementia

I previously reported on a study that found nearly 38 percent of hearing loss patients also reported memory loss.

Now, researchers were determined to discover if intervening with hearing loss—like wearing hearing aids—can help prevent the progression of dementia. (This is a top goal for dementia patients, as progressive memory loss is life-altering.)

They analyzed data from almost 140,000 participants to observe the association between hearing loss and dementia.

Over the short term, researchers found those who wore hearing aid devices performed slightly better on cognitive assessments.

And over the long term?

Hearing aids offered a nearly 20 percent reduction in long-term cognitive decline.

Get screened

In the words of senior study author Dr. Benjamin Tan, “dementia is far easier to prevent than treat, and exceedingly difficult to reverse.”

Well, hearing loss is relatively simple to correct in the U.S. and other developed countries. And if doing so helps prevent dementia… why not get screened?

At your next physical, talk to your doctor about your hearing. Even if you don’t have signs of hearing loss, a screen is quick, simple, and could ultimately protect your brain—and livelihood.

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Until next week,
Dr. Fred


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