Hepatitis B vaccines for all adults with diabetes

Urgent news for anyone with diabetes

If your doctor hasn’t told you to get a hepatitis B vaccine yet–get ready.

In December, health authorities started recommending hepatitis B vaccines for all adults with diabetes.

When I heard this news my first thought was “Are they joking?”

Hasn’t the vaccine industry done enough? They’re already vaccinating as many children as they can into autism. And they’ve still got hoards of people convinced that they “need” a yearly flu shot. But I guess they’ve decided it’s time to get every adult immunized against something.

So the latest recommendation is aimed at the fastest growing population on the planet.


Don’t get me wrong. Hepatitis B is serious. But wasn’t so long ago that the only ones who needed a hepatitis vaccine were health care workers and people at risk for sexually transmitted diseases.

It’s bad enough that infants are now subjected to this vaccine. (Required in all 50 states, by the way.) Last I checked, most babies weren’t in either of those groups. And neither are most diabetics. Which makes the reasoning here downright absurd.

Last year, the Centers for Disease Control released some data on this topic. It showed a higher rate of hepatitis B in people with diabetes. And they think it might be caused by people sharing their medical equipment. Things like insulin injection and glucose monitoring devices.

First of all, I don’t know anyone with diabetes who would do such a thing. But if that’s the concern, why not take the simpler, safer route?

Raise public awareness about the hazards of sharing these devices. Train people how to use them. And how to clean them. Because, the fact is, cleaning the device completely erases any chance of infection.

Which completely erases the need for a vaccine.

The bottom line? If you have diabetes, you do not need the hepatitis B vaccine. You simply need to use your equipment properly. It’s much cheaper, much simpler, and much safer.