HOPE for dementia patients? (no drugs required!)

Dementia is one of the most dreaded diseases.

And sadly, millions of Americans fall victim to it each year—a trend that doesn’t show any signs of slowing down.

Worse yet, despite decades of intensive research, we still don’t fully understand how this disease really works in the body—or how to STOP it.

Even Big Pharma hasn’t managed to churn out any reliable moneymakers. Rather, they continue offering one failed drug after another.

Well, there may finally be some hope on the horizon. And no, it doesn’t come in a pill bottle…

Let there be light

In a new study published in the journal Brain and Behavior, researchers studied the effects of phototherapy on older dementia patients.

More specifically, they wanted to determine if the intervention would impact cognitive function, behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD), and sleep.

(Phototherapy, also known as “light therapy,” utilizes full-spectrum bright light or wavelength-specific light during treatment. It’s non-invasive and typically inexpensive.)

Now, even though some findings were inconclusive in terms of improving BPSD (like depression or agitation) and sleep, researchers did see significant cognitive improvement in patients receiving phototherapy. And that’s quite an achievement for dementia patients!

Better still, minimal (and minor) adverse effects were reported—which is typically never the case when it comes to pharmaceutical drug interventions.

A broad discussion

Ultimately, researchers are saying phototherapy may be “one of the most promising interventions for improving core symptoms” of dementia.

And the good news is, patients can take advantage of this therapy at home (if they’re able to acquire a light box) or in a treatment facility. In fact, many healthcare facilities, including dermatologist offices, already have light boxes.

Plus, it could even be used in combination with other treatments of choice.

Now, you know I’m always on the lookout for natural, non-invasive options for any type of ailment. So I’m eager to see if more research will emerge on this subject.

Until then, it can’t help to ask your doctor about it. I recommend discussing these findings—and your options.

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