How many cups of coffee for MAXIMUM benefits?

Coffee lovers everywhere… rejoice!

According to a new analysis, that steaming cup of joe can keep cardiovascular disease (CVD) at bay and boost longevity—compared to avoiding it.

Of course, there are some caveats.

I never encourage you to indulge in the season’s guiltiest pleasures, like peppermint mochas and sugar cookie lattes.

The artificial sweeteners and heightened dairy consumption may be enough to offset any of the coffee bean’s potential health benefits, regardless of the time of year.

But—is there a limit to how many cups you can safely enjoy, before those benefits fizzle, too?

Let’s take a look…

Pour another cup

After reviewing data from nearly 500,000 people, researchers found one to five cups of ground or instant caffeinated coffee benefits the heart.

In fact, one to five cups offered a significant reduction in arrythmias (or an irregular heartbeat).

(Four to five cups of ground coffee and two to three cups of instant coffee was associated with the lowest risk.)

Plus, those who drank up to five cups daily saw a reduced risk of incident CVD (stroke, heart attack, or chest pain caused by reduced blood flow to the heart) and coronary heart disease.

And any amount of coffee consumption offered protection against congestive heart failure and ischemic stroke.

Not only that, but researchers found habitual coffee drinking of any kind—decaf included—slashed all-cause mortality (death) risk.

Health benefits of caffeine

I have to admit, I love reporting on the health benefits of coffee. That’s because so many of you see the habit as a vice you’d like to give up.

However, study after study shows moderate coffee consumption can be a beneficial part of a healthy diet.

After all, coffee has a high polyphenol content, which has been shown to reduce oxidative stress. And the caffeine in coffee opens up blood vessels (improving blood flow).

Caffeine can also help reduce inflammation, improve insulin sensitivity, aid in weight loss, and more.

So if you’re a coffee drinker, continue enjoying it! Just remember to skip the milk and sugar (and give up another vice instead—like sugar and white foods).

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Dr. Fred

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