How one smart snack could save your life

There are a lot of doctors who’ll tell you that your diet doesn’t make that much of a difference in the fight against cancer. And it’s in your best interest to ignore them—aggressively, like your life depends on it. Because as I’ve explained here time and again, it just well might…

Today, however, I’m not going to focus on foods that fuel cancer. Instead, I want to talk about one food in particular that can raise your odds against it. And by a significant margin, too.

As part of a recent study, researchers at Yale Cancer Center followed more than 800 patients with stage III colon cancer for a median of 6.5 years after initial treatment with surgery and chemo. And they found that patients who ate at least two one-ounce servings of nuts weekly — that’s about a handful each — benefited from a 42 percent boost in disease-free survival. And a 57 percent boost in overall survival.

These incredible results appeared in the Journal of Clinical Oncology. And if they don’t convince mainstream oncologists of the cancer-fighting power of food, I dare say nothing will.

The authors of this study, at least, are quick to point out the role that lifestyle plays in preventing colon cancer. Regular exercise, a healthy weight, and most notably, kicking sugar to the curb (I discussed the importance of this yesterday) are all research-proven to improve prognoses.

These all happen to be critical strategies for increasing insulin sensitivity and warding off diabetes, too. And that’s no coincidence — though these researchers still can’t say for certain what, exactly, makes nuts so beneficial.

Ultimately, they have their pick of explanations. Nuts are low in carbs and rich in good fats that fight inflammation, fuel metabolism, and tamp down your hunger. You can’t go wrong with a handful — macadamias, cashews, almonds, walnuts, or a mix of all of the above — as a snack in a pinch.

That’s why they’re an evergreen staple of my A-List diet — and it’s just one of the many reasons why you won’t find a stronger ally in the war against disease, from cancer to chronic fatigue. So if you haven’t yet, I urge you to order your copy (which will be released in paperback at the end of this month) — and start winning the fight for a longer, more vibrant life today.