How that crowded restaurant may be sabotaging your waistline

I’m a strong proponent of cooking and eating in the comfort of my own home vs. eating out. Primarily because it allows me to be in control of the ingredients I’m using.

But I just read a new study that gave me even more reason to keep dining in. Apparently, noise affects how you taste food. And it may lead you to eat more than you normally would.

Researchers found that sweet flavors were especially suppressed.

Which means if you’re eating in a crowded, noisy restaurant, that crème brulee won’t taste as sweet…and you’ll probably wind up eating more of it.

No wonder eating out typically causes diners to consume an average of 200 calories more than if they ate at home. A typical New York City restaurant registers at a noise level between 90-96 decibels, which is even louder than an airplane cabin.

So here’s some food for thought: Stay home, turn off the TV and enjoy the multisensory experience of eating a home cooked meal.

And for those special occasions when you make dinner plans with friends, choose a calm, quiet restaurant. You’ll be able to hear each other, not to mention taste your food much better.