How your bones benefit from exercise

I spent most of this week taking aim at mainstream cancer care. And there’s plenty more I could write on that topic, but I figure we’re all ready for a break. (If you want to read more about cancer screening and how to combat this disease safely and naturally, check out my report Cancer-Free for Life. You can learn more about it or order a copy by clicking here.)

So today I thought I’d switch gears a bit. And in honor of the weekend — when we’re all ready to get outside and move — I bring you a study that reveals yet another reason why exercise is so important. And this is one we don’t talk about nearly enough.

According to a recent mouse study, exercise doesn’t just burn that stubborn love handle fat, it also burns fat within the bone marrow.

Did you even know bone marrow fat was a thing? Well it is, and it’s linked with low bone density. In fact, previous research has shown that the more marrow fat you have, the higher your risk for fractures and other bone-related problems.

In the new study, lean mice and obese mice increased their exercise levels for six weeks. At the end of that period, both groups had a serious reduction in amount of fat in their bone marrow. But the results for obese mice were especially impressive…

After just six weeks, the obese mice saw the total number of fat cells in their marrow cut in half.

In fact, their marrow fat looked identical to that of lean mice.

The study also found that exercise increased bone density, particularly in obese mice.

Of course, research on mice is just a start. But this does offer an interesting and compelling perspective on one of the many ways exercise improves bone health.

So if you’re not exercising already, let this be your reminder that now is a great time to start.


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