Ice cream is as addictive as illegal drugs

Drug of choice

I think I may have told you before that ice cream is my favorite food on the planet. But I only eat it a few times a year. Because I’m well aware of just how dangerous it can be. In fact, the latest research reports that ice cream is as addictive as illegal drugs.

I’m not kidding. This recent report studied the effects of ice cream consumption on the brain. In particular, researchers did MRI scans of the striatum, which is the brain’s reward center.

What they found was that frequent ice cream consumption actually decreases how much you enjoy it. So you need more and more of it to get the same satisfaction. In other words, you build a tolerance to it. Just like drug addiction.

And even if you’re not into ice cream…the science behind the study may hold true for other foods as well. It’s not just eating the food that drives the addiction, but everything involved with it. The sights. The smells. And especially the mental and emotional associations you have with it. Which explains why everyone has a different “trigger” food.

This is brilliant information. It proved to me why I have such a “thing” for ice cream. It was my reward as a child. It made me feel good when I was feeling sad. And given a choice, I always pick soft ice cream over hard. Because my parents always took my sisters and I out to Dairy Queen for ice cream cones.

Think about your own trigger food. Chances are, there’s more to your weakness for it than just the way it tastes. And it’s entirely possible that you are addicted to it.

The problem is, people don’t seem to take ice cream (or pasta or French fry) addiction as seriously as they would take drug or alcohol addiction. But, make no mistake–it’s just as deadly.

The good news is, my New Hamptons Health Miracle can help you overcome that addiction. Without feeling deprived in the process.

Don’t get me wrong. Most people who stop eating sugar and refined, processed foods do go through a withdrawal period. But it’s not as long as you might think. In fact, if you stick it out for just three days, you’ll be truly amazed at how much better you feel. And how much easier it is to handle those cravings for your trigger food (or foods) moving forward.

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