I’m Fed Up… and you should be, too

I spend a significant amount of time talking about sugar. But I keep bringing it up for a reason.

I want the looming danger of our sugar-coated Standard American Diet to be fresh in your mind. Because I want you to be as disgusted as I am. With the way food manufacturers and Big Agribusiness run this country. With the way legislators allow it to continue. And with the way the health of every single person in America is suffering gravely because of it.

I want you to be Fed Up.

In case you haven’t heard, that’s the name of a brand new documentary hitting theaters this weekend. It’s produced by Katie Couric and Laurie David (the Oscar-winner behind An Inconvenient Truth). And it’s set to expose how the food industry hijacked America’s health to turn a profit. And how everything the government has been telling you about the “right way” to eat is dead wrong. (Sound familiar?)

Fed Up will have a limited release in select cities throughout the country starting today. (My fair city, New York, is lucky enough to be on the list—check here to see if yours is, too.)

If it’s playing near you, I urge you to grab your friends and go see it. If not, you can still join me in honoring its release—and its message—by participating in an important challenge. One that will help you cut ties to the sugar cult that continues to terrorize our nation’s health once and for all.

The folks over at Fed Up headquarters are going on a sugar strike. And I’m urging you to sign up and join them.

The Fed Up Challenge is 10 days, sugar-free. And starting Monday, I’ll be right here, ready to coach you through it. Because, as I’ll explain in the coming week, these 10 days have the power to transform your health for a lifetime.