Is your doctor overweight

When the pot won’t call the kettle black

Does your doctor talk to you about your weight? Do you hear much about exercise, eating right, losing weight?

If not, let me ask you this…Is your doctor overweight?

A new study showed a concerning link between physicians’ physiques and the advice they give their patients.

Turns out, a doctor who is in good physical shape is far more likely to address patients’ weight problems.

Researchers found that doctors with normal BMI were more likely to discuss weight loss–and give advice about diet and exercise–compared to their overweight colleagues.

The lean physicians felt that doctors should be good role models for their patients. So they were also more likely to exercise regularly and work at maintaining healthy weight.

Make no mistake. Being overweight is a matter of life and death. And you can’t afford to get medical care from someone who won’t be straight with you about it. Or who doesn’t value the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Find a doctor who will talk to you about weight, diet, and exercise. These issues are critical to your health. Especially if you have diabetes. Your pudgy doctor may be a good person, but you might not be getting the best health advice possible.