It’s a scientific fact that masks save lives

Even at the risk of sounding like a broken record, today, I’m reiterating the critical importance of wearing masks in the age of coronavirus. In fact, until I can walk my dog, Remington, without seeing a single uncovered face while this pandemic is still kicking, I will continue beating that drum—loud, and often 

Here are just two of the latest reasons why… 

All benefit—no risk 

Two new reviews of scientific literature show that wearing a mask actually does provide some protection to you. And if everyone wore them, it would dramatically reduce the spread of COVID-19.   

One of these reports looked at over 100 studies on mask-wearing. And it not only demonstrated its effectiveness, but also its safety. (These researchers debunked a lot of the myths out there about masksFor example, masks won’t raise your carbon dioxide levels or decrease your oxygen levels.)   

Meanwhile, the other report focused on two studies on front line healthcare workers. The first found that using N95 or surgical masks all the time significantly lowered risk of infection. The second found the same benefit with any mask use versus no mask use at all 

But of course, let’s not forget that one of the most important reasons for everyone to wear a mask is to keep people who don’t realize they are infected from spreading the virus to others. (This happens more often than you might think—I’ll talk more about that on Thursday, so stay tuned.)  

Yes, they may be inconvenient and uncomfortable. But get used to it—because clearly, masks are here to stay for the foreseeable future.   

Mask up or stay home 

Hopefully, this latest evidence will finally lay to rest some of the doubts about maskwearing that have been out there since this pandemic began last spring.   

We know for a fact that COVID-19 spreads through droplets and aerosols—those small particles that can hover in the air for hours at high enough levels to cause infection, especially in poorly ventilated, enclosed, and crowded spaces.  

Obviously, we need to avoid exposing ourselves to these conditions as much as possible. But I understand that, for a lot of people, public transportation and grocery shopping is still a necessity. So, please, hear me loud and clear: Wearing a mask can make all the difference. (Although truth be told, I haven’t been in any shops since the pandemic began—pretty much everything can be delivered or picked up with no contact nowadays.)   

Whether you live in a red state or a blue state, or any color in between, published scientific evidence shows that “universal” masking reduces infection rates and death rates—period.  

Wearing a mask can literally save lives—including your own. And with the current situation as dire as it is, every last one of us should be masking up whenever we go anywhere.  

So if you don’t want to wear one? Do us all a favor and stay home 

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