It’s Always Sunny in…. Los Angeles

That sentence really should end in Philadelphia a television show that really deserved more than it got. However, as promised, I will tell of my adventures in not so sunny LA. And I guess by sunny, I am referring to optimism. It is so easy to become pessimistic about staying healthy. Let’s face it, it is far easier to eat poorly than it is to eat in a healthy manner. Not only is it easier, it’s cheaper and you can blend right into the crowd.

medium_dogsSpeaking of a crowd where it was impossible to blend into, I have to tell you about the highlight of my trip to LA. I’ll get to the reason as to why I was there but this event was by far the best part of being there. My friend, Heidi, who I have known for a million years is in the entertainment business- well, really, who isn’t if they live on the left coast? I always stay with her and her four, that’s right, four dogs a Chihuahua (4lbs), a miniature pinscher (12lbs), a French bull mastiff (110 lbs- this one weighs more than she does) and a baby French bull mastiff weighing in at 85 pounds but only nine months old.

Her roommate from college was having a small party. Living in LA, he is also in the industry. We walk into the dining room and I was surrounded by reality TV stars. I didn’t know where to look first or who to talk to first- I was the proverbial Linda Blair- head spinning but without the pea soup.

First up was Candace Cane- the reason being is that I remember her from her very first television commercial because a good friend of mine had cast her along with another good friend of mine ( yes, I am becoming very H’wood by dropping names- although if I had really gone Hollywood, I would be divulging the actual names. I probably would if I could remember them. Heidi warns me about this all the time- I will never impress anyone unless there are names strewn all over the floor), the then unknown (and probably still mostly unknown) Caroline Rhea. So Candace was an easy target. Remember the show Dirty, Sexy Money- such a good show which was a victim of the writer’s strike. She was one of the characters who played Billy Baldwin (yes, the not so talented but better than Steven, Baldwin brother) paramour.

Next on my list was Josh from the Fabulous Beekman Boys- don’t tell Brent, but he’s the nicer one. He was giving me tips on how to get people to attend your public events through Facebook; and by the end of the conversation I got invited up to their farm- mission accomplished. By the end of the evening, I did meet Brent and their director and they were wonderful, smart people.


Speaking of the Fabulous Beekman Boys, one of the funniest lines of the week comes from that show. Josh turns to Brent and asks him, “in the land in your head where everything just gets done because you think it should- it is fun there?

Ok, who else was there- the woman from Dresscue Me – yes it’s a real show and countless others. Oh, I forgot to mention that the reason the FBB’s (Fabuoua Beekman Boys to you) were there is because they were shooting a segment on Tori and Dean. Yes, Tori Spelling is back at it. You go Donna Martin but really, you are back in the will, so wedding planners this year?

large_Fred6As many of you know, I used to live in Dallas. No snickering – it’s a really cool place- great weather (there were leaves on all the trees) and everything is brand spanking new and very inexpensive. That however, is not my point. I had to go there to give a lecture at a healthfest and do a book-signing. The turn out was spectacular and I didn’t even have to use Josh’s Facebook technique for attracting a crowd.

It made me realize what an impact you can have on people’s lives- even those you don’t know. Many came to hear me speak because of the time I spent on Dallas radio many years ago; and because of the many books I’ve written. They came to thank me and to show their support the changes I have helped them make in their lives. It was an extraordinarily humbling yet gratifying experience. I want to help people make changes in their lives but only by being optimistic can that happen. By going against the grain (literally and figuratively), we can each help others make these changes.

Just say NO to wheat, sugar, and simple carbohydrates; and KNOW that you can. Stay optimistic about a positive outcome knowing the offs are stacked against you.

Speaking of odds being stacked against you- and I don’t mean HBO’s remake of the classic Bette Davis movie, Mildred Pierce (it really hasn’t been so bad so far). The reason I was in Los Angeles was an attempt to break into television. Again, I would like to thank my many patients and fans who have often said I have a face for TV, not radio; but the point is that this is something I have been attempting to do for 10 years and only now, through the help of some very influential people and the convergence of the moon and the stars, am I gaining some traction.

But, I would like to point out that it is with optimism that I never gave up my dream. I have often felt defeated and often felt as if it would never occur- but ahead of my time, as always. As much as I hate to admit it, and as much as this is a type of show that I would never want to do , popularity of The Doctors and Dr. Oz has made the public more and more interested in health programming. Of course what I have conceived is an entirely new genre of programming- it is much more fun and entertaining, yet educational at the same time. I don’t want to give too much away but I think you will all be pleasantly surprised when you (hopefully- not hopefully- where is the optimism in that) see them on the air. In fact, before I sat down to write this, I checked my email and there was one from my potential agent ( who I have to say is the same agent as the Kardashians and Betheny Frankl, amongst many other more famous, yet not more reality) saying we needed to speak. That’s better than saying no- right? There I go again, not being optimistic. See how easy a trap it is not to be optimistic at all times. Of course it’s a good sign he wants to speak to me. I am certain he wants to know where to send the contracts.

While we may not alway be certain of where our lives will lead us, how cool would it be for me to reach so many more people with the message of health that has nothing to do with big business but rather my true belief in what it is going to take to make you live the best life you can live. I am totally optimistic about that.

One more thing I need to add. I did facebook about this and tweet it but in the face of us wanting to say on our diets and be optimistic that we can, I must talk about this. It flies in the face of optimism. There are people who in my opinion have just given up. There is a restaurant called, The Heart Attack Grill outside Phoenix. You get to eat for free if you weight greater than 350 pounds. Recently, the 29 year old spokesperson with a young child, died – he was 575 pounds. How do we allow things like this to happen in our country? It is disheartening and almost overwhelming to me when the answers of how to avoid this are staring us in the face. Yet, even the medical establishment thinks little of themselves when it comes to food.

I was reading an article written by some physician in some journal, and the author was writing about how we as physicians need to set better examples for our patients in terms of lifestyle behaviors. This is an exact quote from the article, “we cant all be Dr. Oz and do yoga and take fish oils everyday.”

I wanted to cry or scream or something. What a low standard she is setting and if physicians can’t get themselves to do even that, then how can we teach our patients, our fans, our clients to achieve greatness. If that isn’t the opposite of optimism, I don’t know what is.

So, do what you can each day. Take baby steps and know what you want to achieve. It is all within your grasp. And, unlike Alice from Shameless, we needn’t be forgiven, because we were not raised by wolves- at least most of us.

Until next time…