I’ve got to get this off my chest…

Last week I told you about a damning exposé on multivitamins I’m releasing this coming Saturday. I was actually planning on writing about a different topic today but this just has me too fired up. When you’re constantly hammered with headlines like these it’s hard not to be… Multivitas

  • Wait, multivitamins don’t work?
  • Two new studies debunk benefits of multivitamins
  • Do multivitamins work? Jury is still out, but new research says no

How can a product that’s sparked a multi-billion dollar industry — and one that you, I, and half of all Americans take faithfully — be completely useless? Well, my team and I have unearthed some incredible facts about multivitamins that finally get to the root of the problem.

Yes, some of these facts are scandalous…But what really infuriates me is the huge health opportunity today’s multivitamins are completely ignoring.

It’s an aspect so big it affects one in every two Americans… An element so important to my career that I’ve devoted much of the last 20 years treating it. But today’s multivitamins skip over it like it’s not even there.

And what makes this especially maddening is manufacturers could easily fill this glaring gap. With just a few simple tweaks, one multivitamin alone could provide support for your healthy blood pressure, blood sugar, weight, cholesterol and much, much more… But instead of focusing on giving you the protection you deserve, they’re hell-bent on giving you more gimmicks — like those God-awful gummy multivitamins, multivitamin mints, and multivitamin gum… yes, there’s actually a multivitamin gum!

You deserve the true, life-changing potential a real multivitamin can give you — NOT a piece of overpriced Trident gum. As I’ve said, the full details revealed in this free exposé won’t look good for the billion dollar multivitamin industry…

So our legal department is currently giving it a once-over to make sure we’re prepared for any pushback. Once they’re finished, we plan on rolling it out to you promptly at 9am on Saturday, November 14th. So please be on the lookout!