Ketogenic diet promotes weight loss

Yesterday, I talked to you about how the ketogenic diet can help TACKLE polycystic ovary syndrome in women.

But the health benefits of my favorite diet keep trickling in… giving us one extreme health advantage after another.

Not only does it promote healthy aging, increase longevity, and preserve muscle mass and function…

It’s also emerging as an effective strategy to manage the co-morbidities associated with severe cases of COVID-19, like obesity and diabetes.

So, today, let’s talk more about its exciting weight loss potential…

The benefits of ketosis

The ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat eating plan with an ultimate goal of attaining ketosis.

This is the metabolic state in which the body starts breaking down fat, rather than sugar, for energy. And it’s linked to an improved resting metabolic rate (RMR)… that is, the number of calories your body burns without even trying!

(Most other diets suppress your RMR, often leading to failure.)

Well, as it turns out, this process has yet another unique benefit…

After collecting and analyzing blood samples from participants before, during, and after following a ketogenic diet, researchers found a specific methylation pattern in obese subjects.

But after achieving weight loss through ketosis, that pattern was REVERSED—and matched that of normal-weight subjects.

How cool is that?!

As an added bonus, researchers also found the ketogenic diet guards the body from inflammation, the root cause of most illnesses.

Better health, every day

When you lose weight, the rates of diabetes, heart disease, cancer, and even viral infections like COVID-19 drop.

And with all of this continued evidence of the benefits of a ketogenic diet, why not give it a go?

Not only will this eating plan help you lose weight and kick disease… it will address long-term weight management.

So, start opting for a diet full of lean protein, healthy fats, and a ton of fresh produce, like my A-List Diet.

In fact, ordering yourself a copy will help kickstart your weight loss goals in no time.

Whether you’re enjoying some pool-side reading this summer, cooking up one of my 100-plus delicious A-List recipes in your kitchen, or dining out at the new restaurant in town… you’ll never be left guessing what to eat in order to meet your weight loss goals.

In the end, you’ll transform your health, your energy, and vitality—from the inside out. And best of all, you’ll finally know what it’s like to truly feel amazing in the skin you’re in.

Until next time,
Dr. Fred

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