Letting Go

If ever there was a lesson I needed to learn in these past two weeks – this was it.  It’s been an extremely busy couple of weeks for me and that’s why there was no blog last week.  Since we last spoke, I have been in Los Angeles working on my television projects, (and seeing my psychic – who by the way is the same psychic as Jennifer Lopez – ok so I am name dropping just a bit but how exciting is that?) and Baltimore for this amazing medical conference that I put on every year.

blog_Letting But what does this have to do with letting go? On my flight back from LA, I left my ipad on the plane and have been unable to track it down. I am sure that it has been stolen into ipad slavery and sent overseas, never to be seen or heard from again.  As if that weren’t bad enough, I get back to my apartment and the contractors must have done something to my electricity and the entire contents of my DVR was erased.  Not only were the contents erased, but the programming was erased.

Can you imagine how difficult it was to try to remember how many shows I recorded and to reset them all.  I know I missed so many things, like the Basketball wives reunion episode – it was quite distressing.  So I figure, no problem, I can easily reprogram my DVR because all of that information is on my ipad…… Oh, that’s right, that is gone too.  So, I had to figure out what it all meant because clearly there had to be a lesson in all of this pain and suffering – ok not so much but you get my point.

So, this is where my psychic comes in.  She had told me that it was important for me to let go of things from my past that were hindering me from moving ahead; to let go of the negative thoughts and feelings I hadn’t even known I was harboring.   And just maybe, there would be space for the new things that I want in my life.  Ok, anyone could have said these things to me; but how many would be lighting a candle for me and praying for my well-being?

I had to resort back to my yellow legal pad list to keep track of the shows but I did happen to catchJerseyShorewhich I must say had the best line of the week: “four girls with weaves in their hair – there isn’t enough electricity or outlets inItalyfor that.”  Spoken by J Woww – which by the way can I say, WOW!

She has joined the ranks of the celebrity size zero – she looks like a stick figure with boobs.  Gigantic boobs at that.  I originally thought she looked fantastic but now, as I have watched the first three episodes, she is looking a little gaunt – as much as I like thin, I am not sure I am a big fan of her new look.  And, spoiler alert – watch Ronnie and Sam get back together.

I just digressed a whole lot here but the whole art of letting go is so important for forward progress in not only dieting but in your life.  Just as I had to let go of the shows I lost (well, not really, I managed to find them all) you have got to let go of old habits of eating, old habits of dieting and developing new relationships with food.

I know that can be really difficult but I have been there and have been fighting this battle for a long time.  It gets easier but then life throws up another set of challenges and once again, we need to rise to the occasion or those bad habits that we tried to let go of come right back.

The same thing happened on The Glee Project. I had no choice but to watch back to back episodes this week but I am really glad that I did.  Ryan Murphy and company were trying to get the kids to let go of the “act” and to just be vulnerable and be who they are and to let them selves shine through.  It was a process that I think we all have to go through – getting to our authentic self.

Who are we when it comes to food behaviors? What is important to us – looking good in front of others or being healthy? If being thin and healthy is what you want to achieve, why should anything get in your way? Will that be the last bagel on the planet? Will that be the last barbeque you ever get invited to? It’s really not that hard to let go of the ridiculous preconceived notions we all have in our head about certain things, especially health and lifestyle behaviors when someone, like me, can point out how absurd and rigid our behaviors can be and ultimately, destructive to our goals.

OK – those kids on The Glee Project were all so talented that – spoiler alert – two of them got a 7 episode arc and two of them got a two episode arc. I cried.  I also cried at the end of the Harry Potter movie – I know I am not the only one but I am man enough to admit it.  C’mon we’ve known these characters for a decade – give me a break!

So, I encourage everyone to try to just let go of one thing that is holding them back from achieving their health goals; or any goal for that matter. Don’t be afraid. I know its scary and a dark place – I was just there and you’ll be happy to know I still haven’t gotten a new ipad yet. I may try to see how long I can go without one. I will let you know next week but let me know what you let go of as well.  It will be good for both of us.

One last thing: Real Housewives of New Jersey – tackling some really important issues – props to them.

So until next time, let go and let…