Low-calorie diet not answer for type 2 diabetes

Stop the insanity

Here’s a study from the United Kingdom I had to share with you–as it sums up pretty much what I oppose in the world of “diets.”

Scientists at Newcastle University claim that a low-calorie diet–600 calories–could potentially cure type 2 diabetes. They say this offers hope for millions of people in the UK suffering from the condition.

The research, which was funded by the charity Diabetes UK, involved only 11 patients with type 2 diabetes. Each person had to reduce their food intake to only 600 calories per day for a two-month period. The diet consisted of an extremely low-calorie diet of “nutritional diet drinks” and non-starchy vegetables.

Seven of the participants were diabetes-free within three months.

Folks, I don’t have to tell you–this is crazy!

A 600-calorie diet is just about the worst trick you can try to lose weight. –Mother Nature doesn’t like tricks. Neither do I. Those people in the UK study must have willpower of steel! They certainly couldn’t keep that up long-term.

And let me share a couple of disturbing facts about the specific drink (known as Optifast) used in this study. The first two ingredients are water and sugar. And “corn syrup solids”–yet another form of sugar–round out the top five. That speaks volumes about the so-called “nutritional” value of this drink. There is none! You’re basically drinking sugar water with a few extras thrown in.

As a physician, I can assure you these drinks are every bit as bad as a diet soda. The good news is, you don’t need them. And you certainly don’t need to resort to drastic measures to achieve your health goals. Stick with me, and I’ll show you how to kick diabetes without relying on sugar-laden gimmicks. And without starving yourself. That’s what my New Hamptons Health Miracle is all about.