Lower your diabetes risk by 58% — without medication

I’m sure the pharmaceutical companies aren’t going to like to hear this next bit of news — but the truth must be told…

According to a new study, diet and exercise outperformed the drug Metformin in preventing diabetes in high-risk patients.

That’s right…once again, research proves lifestyle intervention is more powerful than drugs!

But let’s take a look at what the study found:

In 1996, researchers enrolled 3,000 individuals who were at a high risk for developing diabetes in a randomized trial called the Diabetes Prevention Program. This study compared the effects of diet and 15 minutes of daily exercise to metformin or a placebo.

After 3 years, the researchers checked in with the subjects and found that those in the lifestyle group were 58% less likely to develop type 2 diabetes compared to a placebo group. The participants who took metformin were 31% less likely to develop the disease.

Even better, the researchers found that lifestyle intervention had an even more powerful effect in people over the age of 60.

Then 12 years later all participants were evaluated again. Those in the lifestyle intervention group ended up being 27% less likely to develop diabetes than the placebo group. Those in the metformin group were 18% less likely compared to placebo.

The researchers weren’t sure why the numbers dropped over this 12 year period, but my theory is the “lifestyle intervention” came up short in the diet department.

You see, the subjects were instructed to follow a low-carb, low-fat diet. Which is only half right.

Lowering fat intake has never been an effective strategy for weight loss. Or diabetes prevention. In fact, since the advent of low-fat, reduced-fat, and fat-free foods, obesity rates have skyrocketed. And diabetes has gone up with it.

By nature, most high-protein foods like meat and dairy contain fat. When you remove that fat, you’re turning a real, whole food into a processed, fake food. And to make matters worse, when manufacturers remove fat, they almost always add sugar. So it’s no wonder all those low-fat foods haven’t been the magic bullet “experts” led us to believe they would be.

Still, even taking this shortcoming into account, the overall outcome of the lifestyle intervention group was tremendously successful. (So much so, all the study participants were offered a version of it after the study concluded.)

If this study proves one thing, it’s that a healthy diet and exercise win over drugs — any day.

And I have no doubt the lifestyle intervention in this particular study could have been even MORE successful if the participants had known about all of the scientifically proven, natural alternatives for diabetes.

I’ve seen these approaches prevent — and even reverse — diabetes and metabolic syndrome in my own patients time and again. Which is why I recently put them all together into one, comprehensive, step-by-step program anyone can do — right from the comfort of your own home.

This study just goes to show you what we can accomplish without drugs. Drugs are there when we need them. But in this country we “need” them far too often. There is so much you can do to transform your health simply with the tools you have in your own home.

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