Mainstream “feeds” our mass confusion over healthy diets

I just love when I see headlines like this: “Keto/Paleo Diets ‘Lower Quality Than Others,’ and Bad for Planet.”

That’s a broad statement, no?

According to this new study, a fish-based, pescatarian diet or a plant-based vegetarian or vegan diet is associated with not only the greatest benefit to health, but also the lowest impact on the environment.


Statements like these are exactly why we’ll NEVER dig ourselves out from under the mass confusion as to how to EAT for better health.

Well, allow me to dissect these two silly assumptions…

A deeper dive into the facts

According to this analysis:

1.) Both keto and paleo diets tend to be higher in animal foods and lower in plant foods when compared to other popular diets. And the researchers state this is linked to negative effects on cholesterol and other blood lipids.

FACT: Increased LDL cholesterol on its own does NOT equal increased long-term risk for mortality. Not to mention, in my 30-year experience of eating this way—and counseling others to do so—I have seen quite the opposite… an improvement in these health parameters.

2.)  After analyzing the environmental impact of different eating patterns, this study suggests that the vegan diet had the lowest carbon footprint, followed by vegetarian and pescatarian diets.

INSIGHT: How did they even determine that? First of all, I ask every patient at every visit what they ate in the past 24 hours and a good 40 percent can’t remember. So how do they know participants, indeed, stuck to a specific diet?

Second, let’s take an apple in New York City as an example. If it’s fall, that apple could have come from a farm well within 50 miles of my apartment. But if it’s any other time of the year, it could have come from as far away as Japan. So—an apple that flew 10,000 miles or one that was trucked 50 miles… do they have the same greenhouse emissions? NO!

Listen to Mother Nature

It angers me when studies on nutrition get mangled like this—and then get used for some unknown agenda.

The fact that the mainstream expects us to blindly trust anything the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has to say about health is preposterous. And analyses like this just proves that nutritional science hasn’t budged.

The USDA food pyramid was an unmitigated disaster… as was the low-fat era… and still, lessons have yet to be learned.

Until we get back to producing food—from animals, fish, and plants… you know, the way Mother Nature intended—we are doomed to remain in this vicious cycle of eating ourselves to death.

And one last point…

Did you know that the amazingly beautiful Madagascar had half of its entire rainforest cut down so that RICE could be grown? A PLANT? How’s THAT for environmentally friendly?

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