Manufacturers want their processed, packaged foods placed near healthy foods

Product placement

Just when the nation is finally beginning to understand the concept of shopping the perimeter of the grocery store–where you can generally find whole, real foods (produce, meats, eggs)–things are about to get complicated…

Rather than develop foods that are actually nutritious, Kraft, along with other food manufacturers, came up with a “better” idea. They want supermarkets to put juice next to the heirloom tomatoes and tortilla chips next to avocadoes.

Nearly every supermarket now has this section located at the entrance of the store so you have to walk through it. But the motive behind this creative rearranging is a bit more sinister than simply making their products more visible earlier on during your shopping experience…

Research has shown that consumers tend to consider anything in the produce section as healthy. So food manufacturers want their processed, packaged foods placed there to give them the illusion of health.

In fact, Kraft envisions the grocery store of the future to have the processed refrigerated items next to the kale so the company can play up their “fresh factor.”

Don’t be fooled! There’s NOTHING fresh about slices of “cheese” wrapped in plastic.

If Kraft wants to sell more products, then why don’t they deliver foods that actually belong in the healthy section of the supermarket?

Misleading consumers (many of whom are already overweight and battling blood sugar disorders) into buying things that are only going to make them fatter and sicker isn’t just a step in the wrong direction–it’s sad, evil, and destructive.

This is another reason I’m such an advocate of local farmers’ markets. You can be sure you’re getting wholesome, fresh, healthy food no matter which part of the market you wander through. If you’re lucky enough to have one near you that operates through the winter, don’t let the cold keep you away! Throw on a hat, scarf, and gloves, and take advantage of whatever they have to offer.

If you do have to wait until Spring for your local farmers’ market to re-open, it is still possible to keep your shopping cart filled with things that are good for you–even in the regular supermarket. It just takes some extra diligence and a healthy dose of common sense. If it comes in a box, bag, or cellophane package, and lists ingredients you can’t pronounce, it’s probably not the best choice–no matter where it’s placed. Simple as that.