Mega-doses pay off big against nerve pain

Q: What can I do about neuropathy? I have this in my feet because I had chemo almost 12 years ago and it is getting worse.

Dr. Fred:

Another great question. For readers who are unfamiliar with the term, neuropathy is a type of chronic pain that results from peripheral nerve damage. Chemotherapy and diabetes are both very common causes.

The most reliable treatment for neuropathy is very high dose alpha-lipoic acid (ALA). Research supports a dosage of 900 mg intravenously—which is what I use for this condition in my office. But if you don’t have a doctor who is willing or able to do this, the alternative would be to take double, if not triple, that amount of ALA by mouth.

I will caution, however, that while these doses are safe for most people, you must ask your doctor if that high a dose is right for you.

Benfotiamine is another nutrient that has shown great promise in treating neuropathy in diabetics. So it’s absolutely worth trying.