Mind over fatter

Want to lose weight without dieting? Go with your gut.

True, that might not sound like the smartest plan for anyone struggling to zip their jeans. But hear me out.

Researchers recently tested the effectiveness of two different approaches to behavioral diabetes management. One group of type 2 diabetics followed a traditional education program. This plan highlighted nutrition, food choices, and general diabetes information.

Another group followed an eating plan that emphasized mindful meditation. This group didn’t receive specific nutrition goals.

Instead, the program taught them to tune into their bodies before and during meals. It urged them to make more conscious decisions about when and how much to eat. And of course, when to stop.

Both interventions featured weekly group meetings and standard exercise recommendations.

And wouldn’t you know? Three months later, both groups got the same results from their eating plans. Namely, three to six pounds lost, and lower blood sugar to boot.

This is a great illustration of why counting calories isn’t the only way (or even the best way) to lose weight. The quality of your meals–of both the ingredients and the dining experience–is what really matters.

Nourishing your body shouldn’t be about deprivation. And provided you’re not eating dinner parked in front of the TV every night, you don’t need a calculator to lose weight.

Simply eat your food with awareness and care… and it will take care of you in return.

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