Modern women may be facing their most lethal killer yet

Just in case you thought we were making any progress on the obesity epidemic… guess again.

It’s shocking, really. I mean, how can we not be getting somewhere? All we do is think about food, talk about diets, and harp on exercise. (Well, maybe that’s just my obsession — but one look at the magazine display at any given checkout line would suggest I’m hardly alone.)

Yet somehow, the numbers continue to skyrocket. And according to some new government health statistics, they’re skewing dangerously toward one half of the population in particular.

For the first time ever, more than four in 10 American women are now obese. That’s a major surge, after about a decade of gaining neck and neck alongside men (whose obesity rates punch in at 35 percent).

These new statistics come courtesy of the CDC, via two recent articles published in the Journal of the American Medical Association.

And I have to ask: Do they alarm no one but me? Why isn’t correcting this crisis at the top of everyone’s agenda? And when are we finally going to take some real action to do something about it?

And by “real,” I don’t mean the meaningless diet and exercise recommendations that our government continues to issue, year after year. Because obviously, they have failed miserably. And you know why?

Because the government doesn’t have the first clue how to advise people to get healthy. They’re too busy figuring out whose lobbyist has deeper pockets — and which corporate interest they should cater to first.

Even worse, the truth of the matter is that the government has known for years that the policies they set in place decades ago are making us all fat. Yet they continue to cling stubbornly to their dogma.

And quite frankly, they should all be ashamed of themselves.

So should the medical establishment, which shares the blame for this crisis — and yet continues to scratch its head and wonder what happened. “Why the problem is getting worse for women faster than for men remains somewhat of a mystery to health researchers,” they say. They even go on to suggest that women have simply become more satisfied with a larger body size.

Who are they kidding? I have NEVER met a woman who doesn’t want to lose weight. (Which is a whole different conversation entirely.) So it’s highly unlikely the rise in obesity is the result of widespread body acceptance.

The answer to this “mystery” is in fact quite simple. Women gain weight more easily because they have less muscle mass. We also have a rapidly aging population with record numbers of menopausal women. And this is a cross-section who do particularly badly on the standard American, low-protein, high-carb diet.

These are simple, scientifically proven facts. It drives me mad that the “experts” still refuse to put two and two together. And it should make you angry, too.

Just so we’re clear, we’re talking about obesity here — not just being 10, or even 20 pounds overweight. This is the kind of weight problem that leads straight to diabetes, heart disease, and other very serious conditions.

And up until the 1980s, this category only included one in every six adults. (Which is bad enough, if you ask me.)

But in addition to these newest numbers on women, researchers also found that 38 percent of all adults are now obese. Along with 17 percent of children. (Obesity rates have climbed all the way up to 21 percent in adolescents since 1988.)

Clearly, we are a nation of gigantic people, addicted to gigantic portions. These addictions are fed by a crooked “diet” industry that has a lot to gain by keeping you fat. And they’ve been selling you lies — with the AMA’s blessing, no less — to cash in on this killer crisis.

So please, no matter how hopeless you think your weight struggles are, keep fighting for your health and stay with me. Because this vicious cycle has to end. And it has to end today.