Monsanto: not nearly as “warm and fuzzy” as its commercials

Don’t you just love the new Monsanto commercials? How they make the world such a better a place for us to live?

If you haven’t seen these travesties yet, I encourage you to go to YouTube and check them out. It is amazing what the right amount of marketing can do.

Watching these ads certainly would have made me feel all warm and fuzzy about Monsanto. If I wasn’t so acutely aware of the fact that they’ve set the world on a path headed directly towards death and destruction.

I guess they haven’t quite figured out that if their GMO monstrosities kill us all (or at the very least decrease our life expectancy), then we won’t be around to eat any more of their crops of death.

But, hey, by then they will be even richer than they are now and won’t need us anymore. (After all, there is an entire developing world to poison! Yee-ha!)

One of the commercials starts out with families around the world cooking dinner, enjoying a meal together in perfect harmony. (If only they had shot this in MRI so we could watch the destruction on their internal organs as they ate these genetically modified foods.)

The voiceover reads “This is the best part of the day—when we sit down together and talk about what’s going on around us. More and more, the conversations we’re having are about the food itself. Where it comes from. How good is it for us. How good it is for the planet.”

Then, the voiceover continues: “At Monsanto, we’re having these conversations every day, and we’re working with farmers to help make balanced meals accessible to everyone, while using natural resources more efficiently, as our population continues to grow. It’s time for a bigger discussion about food.”

It sure is. But Monsanto should NEVER be a part of that conversation.

They couldn’t care less about what’s good for us or the planet. (I mean, how good is it for the planet when butterflies die after pollenating Monsanto’s genetically modified corn? And how good is it for you to EAT it?)

Monsanto is part of the problem…not the solution. How dare they think that this propaganda campaign is going to bring people to their side? The problem is, it will.

The truth means making some big changes. So these ads are telling the American public what it wants to hear.

The good news is, pressure from concerned citizens like you and me has Monsanto on the defensive. They know we’re on to them. So they’re grasping at straws. Luckily, we’re smarter than their advertising team. And I, for one, am going to keep spreading the message about what they’re REALLY doing to our planet.

If you really want to be outraged, go to their website, where they have the nerve to claim, “Every day, we’re working to put a balanced meal on every plate.”


I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. Because there’s nothing balanced about the health risks Monsanto and other corporate agribusiness behemoths unleash on us every day.

So what can you do to avoid this genetically modified crud?

Shop local, and opt for organic food whenever possible. The closer to your town a food is grown or produced, the better. And ask questions.

Ask the local grower about GMOs. Ask your nearby farmer’s market or natural food shop how the food is grown and raised. Ask them what they think about Monsanto. Their answers should come easily and definitively. If they don’t, move on.

I decided to send this message today, on Christmas, because I still believe in peace, love, and good will toward men. And that’s why I’m fighting the companies—like Monsanto—that are working at sharp odds against those ideals.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful, healthy Christmas.