More reasons to STEER CLEAR of juice, sodas, and more

A lot of folks enjoy downing a glass of orange juice with breakfast, making a smoothie with plant-based milk for lunch, or indulging in “just one” can of soda at dinner.

And I’m sure many of you keep your fridge fully stocked with juice for those much-anticipated visits with your grandkids.

Of course, it’s no secret that I tell you to STEER CLEAR of juices, sodas, and other toxic beverages that line our grocery store shelves. They’re chock-full of sugar, chemicals, and more.

But according to a recent study, the risks of these “tasty” beverages is even more far-reaching than once thought…

Heavy metals galore

Did you know that many fruit juices, plant-based milks, sodas, and packaged teas contain toxic metals?

Researchers from Tulane University found these drinks contain arsenic, cadmium, and lead.

In fact, five of the 60 tested “beverages” contained toxic metal levels well above the federal drinking water standards.

Not to mention, a whopping 93 percent of the tested beverages contained lead—a known neurotoxin and carcinogen.

Plus, 25 beverages were analyzed for trace elements. The levels of nickel, manganese, boron, cadmium, strontium, and selenium ALSO exceeded federal standards.

While specific brands were not implicated in the study findings, the researchers noted the products are “commonly found in grocery stores.”

Are you ready to rethink your beverage preferences yet?!

Safer drinking options

When I’m looking at blood test results of my patients, I typically know how to explain toxic metal findings. But I had never even considered these common beverages as a means of exposure… until now.

Should YOU be concerned about these findings?

If you consume a lot of these beverages—pre-packaged juice and tea, soda, and plant-based milk—then most certainly.

But I’m even more concerned for our younger generations.

Children tend to drink more beverages of this sort. And that’s incredibly worrisome, as their neurological system (including their brains) are still developing—and heavy metal exposure can harm this process.

So, try to especially steer clear of giving infants and young children a lot of mixed fruit juices or plant-based milks.

Instead, I always encourage plain old water. I like natural spring water bottled in glass—or you can use a water filter to keep out as many chemicals and toxins as you can.

You can even jazz up your water—still or sparkling—with slices of lemon or lime. Crushed strawberries, cantaloupe, pulverized cucumber, mint, or basil are all great options for adding some natural flavor, too.

And finally, unsweetened, decaffeinated herbal tea is another good option. Just make sure to brew it yourself rather than opting for pre-packaged varieties.

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