Multiple choice

Did you know we have a ranking system for obesity? It seems to me that a rose is a rose but perhaps not according to the powers that be.

And in the recent study that revealed this ranking system, researchers concluded that, “Overweight or obese men were at increased risk for diabetes. Our data provide further evidence that overweight and obesity should not be considered a harmless condition.”

Are they kidding? Of course they’re not harmless…in fact, they may be the two most harmful health risks on earth.

But what bothers me about this is that while the government is spending millions of research dollars to rank overweight people, they’re not spending a dime to actually solve the problem.

As far as they’re concerned your options are:

A.) A joyless, twig-and-grass-clippings diet. Combined with…

B.) Endless grueling hours trudging on a treadmill. Oh, and don’t forget…

C.) Diabetes drugs. You know–the ones making headlines for all the horrors they can cause.

Well how about…

D.) None of the above?!

It’s like I’ve been saying for years: Losing weight can be easy–and you don’t have to take one of Big Pharma’s side-effect-laden pills, live on sawdust, or sweat buckets to do it.

My New Hamptons Health Miracle has taken on each of those mainstream health myths–and busted them one by one. In fact, my patients tell me that they indulge more and exercise less than they ever did before–and yet they’re slimmer than they’ve been in years.

You don’t need a nonsense study to “rank” your weight. No matter where you fall on their spectrum, the treatment is the same: Eat right to get–and stay–healthy.