Munch Munch, Snack Snack

Do you know that half the reason I don’t go to the movies is because I hate to hear that sound? Everywhere you turn; it’s the crunching of popcorn, the rustling of plastic to get to the four hundred Twizzlers you just bought.  It drowns out the movie – I would rather watch it at home on pay per view.

And it’s not because that I think it’s on television – I can tell the difference.  But, I don’t have to be insulted and grossed out by all those extra calories people are eating – and what about those giant sodas?  For only one dollar more…..

We are a gross nation.  We have grotesque eating habits and I won’t stand for it anymore.  If you want to be thin, you are going to have to go hungry sometimes.  I live in a constant state of hunger.  But we don’t want to and what is even more upsetting is that we are teaching our children to snack all day long.

I have tremendous issues with snacking but what I have even more issues with is Steve Jones – the host of the American version of The X Factor.  Who knew I could be bothered by someone more than Ryan Seacrest? (just kidding Ryan because you own production companies that may one day fund one of my shows – you are the best!!!)  He thinks he is an actual important component of the show – we couldn’t find anyone American for that job – that’s why there is so much unemployment.

In our biggest export industry – that’s right folks –Hollywood; we employ far too many Australians (Nicole Kidman), Canadians (the list is endless), British (Hugh Laurie), etc, etc.

Back to the X Factor – you can always count on Paula to come up with lines that simply make no sense – like this one: “You manifest in abundance in the heart department” What???? Did she steal this from the daily mantra Deepak calendar?  I adore her.  Nicole on the other hand – what was she wearing this past week – those bedazzled epaulets.  They made no sense – just like her most of the time so I guess they are fitting.  And the last thing I will say about this show is Melanie Amaro – WOW!!!!

Back to snacking – this is not somber town and I am not the burger meister, meister burger trying to take all the toys away from the children.  I simply must point out that we snack way too often.  When did it become appropriate to have to eat three meals and three snacks.  That may be fine for those who exercise a lot or those who have fast metabolisms; but for the rest of us, it is just extra calories that you don’t need.  And, most of the time, the snacks are sugar and carb laden and will go directly to your abdomen.

Stop eating already.  This is the season of eating and wouldn’t it be nice to make it to the New Year without gaining 10 pounds – seriously.  The only person who needed a sugar and carb laden snack was Katniss when she was starving and needed to feed her family and Peeta gave her something from his bakery and was beaten for doing so.  He was always in love with her.  I wonder if that scene will make the movie – I guess we’ll have to wait until The Hunger Games gets released for that.

So, I must concede that there are healthy snacks such as nuts, seeds, vegetables and sometimes low sugar fruit such as melons and berries; but you can train your body to not want to snack.

When you eat in a Hamptons Diet way, your hunger just disappears; and that is a good thing.  Often, I get patients who are concerned that they aren’t hungry enough and force themselves to eat.  Don’t do that!  Learn to listen to your body – it usually tells you everything you need to know.

Speaking of listening.  Who can tell me who said this great line and in what show: “She used to show her cervix for a quarter.”

I am about to say something that will not only date me but will also let you know that my television viewing is akin to that of a teenage girl – how great was the Studio 54 episode on Gossip Girl.  Wow – I never thought I would admit that in a public forum.  Hahahahaha

Snacks are a cop out unless you are burning the calories.  They are an unnecessary evil in the world of dieting.  And with all the snacks available in the next few weeks, I can only wish you all the best.  Just do what I do – stay hungry, feel the burn and know you will wake up feeling and looking thinner – it will all be worth it.

Until next time……