My favorite way to ease anxiety—for GOOD

Is there anyone out there who isn’t more anxious these days?  

I mean, we’re living in trying times. And almost every person I encounter—professionally or personally—is complaining of more stress and anxiety in their life than ever before. 

That’s why helping you to protect your mental health has gone to the top of my priority list.  

The good news? You DON’T have to resort to risky prescription drugs for relief.  

In fact, according to brand-new research, my favorite lifestyle intervention works wonders 

A safe solution for chronic anxiety 

In a new study appeared in the Journal of Affective Disorders, researchers found that both moderate and vigorous exercise can help safely ease anxiety symptoms. 

The analysis looked at nearly 300 patients with anxiety syndrome—half of whom had suffered with it for at least a decade.   

Researchers then assigned the subjects to either moderate or strenuous group exercise sessions three times a week, for 12 weeks. The guided, one-hour training sessions featured both cardio and strength work. After a warmup, subjects followed a 12-station circuit for 45 minutes and ended with a cooldown.  

Moderate exercisers had the goal of reaching 60 percent of their maximum heart rate, while intense exercisers aimed for 75 percent of their maximum heart rate.  

At the end of the study period, results showed significant symptom relief with regular exercise, even among patients with chronic anxiety. Most of the exercisers went from having moderate/high levels of anxiety to a low level of anxiety after just 12 weeks.  

And the higher the intensity of the exercise? The better the results.  

A prescription I stand behind 

Of course, I’ve been sharing the healing benefits of exercise for decades. So I didn’t need a bunch of scientists to tell me any of this. 

In fact, I can practically feel the stress melting off of me whenever I exercise. And that’s especially true when I attend SoulCycle sessions (hands down my favorite workout). By the time I leave the studio, I feel amazing—exhausted, yes, but stress- and anxiety-free. 

Plus, as yesterday’s discussion showed, exercise has a clear influence on depression… that’s just more evidence that exercise is the perfect prescription for mental health—and it’s one I definitely stand behind. 

Conventional anxiety treatment usually involves some combination of cognitive behavioral therapy and prescription drugs—with awful side effects, I might add, including (but certainly not limited to) weight gain and a higher risk of diabetes and heart disease.  

Meanwhile, exercise can help control ALL those ill effects. So—I know what I’ll choose, and recommend, each and every time.  

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