NEVER overlook your nutritional needs

Proper nutrition is the foundation for a long, healthy life.

It can prevent chronic illnesses, including cancer. And it can treat or even reverse others, like diabetes.

So, why is it so difficult to get physicians on board with this concept?

How hard is it to TALK to patients about nutrition?

Case in point: A recent survey revealed doctors believe up to 63 percent of their patients could use nutritional advice.

Dietary choices matter

In an online survey of just over 1,000 physicians, doctors ranked how many of their patients could benefit from nutritional counseling.

Results revealed who would benefit:

  • 63 percent of diabetes patients
  • 59 percent of those suffering from kidney conditions
  • 56 percent of heart patients
  • 43 percent of gastrointestinal (GI) disorder sufferers

What a joke, right? I mean, let me break this down for you…

Type 2 diabetes is directly linked to the junk most Americans eat. Your kidneys are very sensitive to what you eat. Most of the illnesses cardiologists treat are a direct result of poor dietary choices. And all people with GI problems can find a resolution through diet.

What am I missing here? Because the way I see it, every single patient WILL benefit from nutritional advice.

Wait, there’s more: The physicians surveyed said very few patients come to them seeking nutritional advice.

But, as a patient, you shouldn’t have to ask for this type of advice. It’s a basic conversation that takes a few minutes—and the treating physician should always bring it up.

Start the conversation

I always find time to talk about nutrition with my patients.

Yet, only 19 percent of my primary care colleagues believe it’s important. And most use “lack of time” as their main reason for not bringing it up.

Of course, the computer programs we all use to keep notes lead us down the road of medications and other “evidence-based” money-making, useless problem fixers. NOT dietary counseling.

And most patients just go along with this “sick” model of American medicine.

Not to mention, insurance companies don’t like to reimburse for nutrition services.

That’s just plain wrong! Why are so many patients and their physicians complicit in ignoring the elephant in the room?

My advice: If you’re suffering from any sort of chronic disease, recurring infections, fatigue, lack of concentration, or more… talk to your doctor about your diet. And if they won’t entertain the conversation, find someone who will.

Until next time,
Dr. Fred

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