New breakthrough targets the silent culprit behind memory loss


Earlier this week, I told you about some new research showing that foods rich in flavonoids can help you maintain a healthy weight—and even fend off the “slow creep” that happens to so many people when they reach middle age.

But that’s not the only thing flavonoids are good for. In fact, flavonoids are a critical part of keeping your body’s inflammatory response in check. Particularly in your brain.

And recent research shows that maintaining healthy levels of inflammation in your brain is one of the keys to preserving memory and cognitive function as you age.

Scientists always suspected inflammation was being a leading cause of everyday memory loss. But researchers at the University of California have finally proven it.

They showed that aging participants with measurable CRP levels (a marker of inflammation) performed poorer on memory tests than their peers with no measurable CRP levels.

In other words, unhealthy levels of inflammation may lead to memory loss.

And one of the worst parts about it is there are no other symptoms to let you know this is happening. It can creep up on you before you know it.

I always tell my patients inflammation is a silent culprit behind those annoying “senior moments” that become more and more frequent as you age.

Which is one of the reasons it’s so important to promote healthy levels of inflammation at all times. And, as I said above, flavonoids are one of the most effective tools Nature has to offer for keeping inflammation in check.

They can make all the difference in whether you’re able to punch in your ATM pin number without a moment’s hesitation…or whether you spend an hour looking all over the house for your reading glasses — when they’re sitting on top of your head.

For instance, one study of 1,640 elderly men and women found that those with higher dietary flavonoid intake had better brain performance at baseline. They also experienced significantly less age-related mental decline over a 10-year period than those with a lower flavonoid intake.

Scientists have found that many of the benefits of these flavonoids also appear to be related to their ability to support the communication between cells.

And of course, if your brain cells are firing on all cylinders, it helps keep your memory intact and your thinking clear. And those “senior moments” simply don’t happen.

I’ve been teaching my patients about studies like this one — and the importance of eating a diet high in flavonoids — for decades. And in just the last few years, I’ve written more than a dozen articles on the health benefits of all different sources of flavonoids — especially berries and vegetables like eggplant and cabbage. (You can read those articles by visiting my website, and entering “flavonoids” into the Search function at the top of the page.)

But here’s the thing…While I wholeheartedly recommend that you eat plenty of flavonoid-rich foods, the simple fact is, you may not be able to get the levels you really need to make an impact from food alone. (I mean, there’s only so many blueberries and eggplant one person can eat.)

So as you can imagine, when I learned that a private lab had created a natural formula that harnesses the power of flavonoid-rich purple foods in an incredibly convenient drink mix — well, I knew I had to have it for my patients.

In all, this unique blend, which I’ve named PurpleLogic, contains a whopping 19 scientifically studied fruits and vegetables that are rich in flavonoids. Things like blueberry, acai, blackberry, figs, black cherries, black raspberries, eggplant, purple cabbage, purple carrots, and beets — just to name a few.

Based on the research I’ve gathered over the years — and that I still see coming out on a daily basis — any one of these ingredients could take your health to new levels on its own. But as I said above, you’d need to eat a grocery cart’s worth to get the benefits of all 19 at once.

But you get all of them — and more — in just a single scoop of this berry-flavored drink mix.

Really, adding a superfood blend like this to your daily regimen just makes sense. And if you’re going to take one, I highly recommend a “purples” mix that focuses on flavonoids. They’re just THAT powerful.

Of course, as an added bonus, PurpleLogic tastes great. My patients tell me it reminds them of the Kool-Aid they drank as kids…only a whole lot healthier.

So if you haven’t already tried PurpleLogic, I encourage you to check it out. Your body — and especially your brain — will thank you for it.