NEWS BRIEF: Ancient practice bolsters social relationships

Now that some of us have returned to a faster-paced social life (and perhaps even a working environment) after many months, if not years, you may find yourself struggling to navigate all the new, often stressful, group dynamics.

But according to an interesting, new study, an ancient mind-body practice can help…

For this investigation, U.S researchers conducted on-site observations and informal interviews with more than 50 professionals who integrated mindfulness into the workplace.1

It turns out, mindfulness didn’t just help these leaders bolster relationships and reduce stress in their personal lives…

It also helped them face challenging situations.

Sometimes, it meant they would pause and reflect purposefully before a meeting or presentation. Other times, they simply tried to listen to a colleague with more attention and compassion.

These mindful approaches worked so well, even the leaders’ colleagues noticed an improvement in their office behavior. Better yet? The improvements positively affected group outcomes, too.

So, if you find yourself rattled by new protocols and expectations in public, group settings—or maybe your loved ones are struggling with being back in the office—I encourage you all to make some time for daily mindfulness.

Try stepping away from the chatter and sitting quietly in a calm, quiet space. Bring your thoughts inward, focus on your breathing, and let your worries slip away.

You (and those around you) will reap the harmonious benefits!


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