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Fred Pescatore, M.D., is, hands-down, one of today’s most sought-after medical experts. He’s been featured on The View, The Today Show, ABC News, The O’Reilly Factor, Day and Date and Rachael Ray. He’s the author of numerous best-selling books. He’s also President of The International and American Associations of Clinical Nutritionists.

And Dr. Pescatore has gained such tremendous respect in the medical community for one very simple reason. He has single-handedly taken on all of the biggest health disasters of the century. And all of the tedious protocols for treating them. And revealed the outrageous truth…

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It’s true! And Dr. Pescatore’s patients are living proof.

He’s shown them how to dine in decadence every single day…How to get better results from exercising less…And how to solve those nagging health concerns once and for all.

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Patients like…

  • Gail M., who reversed her diabetes, ditched her blood sugar medication, and dropped several dress sizes eating SHOCKINGLY rich, sinful treats like sticky-finger spare ribs and fudge brownies
  • Joan P., who ended years of hot flashes and menopause agony without HRT!
  • Henry S., who slashed his cholesterol—WITHOUT statins—in less than two months.

And these are just a few examples of the thousands who have escaped the mainstream drudgery. Who feel better than they have in decades and are living life to the fullest every day.

All thanks to the jaw-droppingly simple solutions of Dr. Pescatore.

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So today, he wants to share them with YOU too in a new 240 page book of cures entitled, The Franklin Codex: A national treasure-trove of shockingly simple healing miracles. And today he’s offering this invaluable, bound collection to you as an ABSOLUTELY FREE GIFT with a subscription to his monthly newsletter Logical Health Alternatives.

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At least, that’s how easy it will seem when you follow Dr. Pescatore’s shockingly simple approach to healing. You’ll feel healthier than you have in decades—in just the bat of an eye.

No doubt Dr. Pescatore is a true innovator. He’s on the front lines of natural medicine, forging new ground against the mystery diseases stumping modern medicine.

And inside your free copy of this 240 page book, you’ll discover how to…

  • Start reversing HEART DISEASE in just 72 hours
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And the reason you should trust Dr. Pescatore to be your guide on the most important (albeit the easiest) journey you’ll ever make?

For starters, he’s already led the way for hundreds of high-profile patients. From celebrities to foreign dignitaries and even royalty! Many of his patients are wealthy enough to enlist the help of any of the big-name gurus out there. And they specifically seek out Dr. Pescatore over all of them.

BECAUSE he’s made getting healthy so effortless.

But it’s not just Dr. Pescatore’s high-profile clientele benefiting from his shockingly simple solutions…

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HEALED MOM! “I regard your [advice] as the best and easiest to stick to. My mother-in-law was starting to look as though she was not well. She has been on diabetes medication for 5 years and her various tests were still high. I passed on your advice and in six weeks she lost 5 kilo (10 lb) her blood pressure, and tests are normal. All this was achieved with your [secrets]!” Graeme C.

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BEST AROUND! “Your advice is the best I’ve read for curing diabetes!” Isabelle B.

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Secure my free copy of The Franklin Codex Now!

Secure my free copy of The Franklin Codex Now!


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