Old McDonald Had a Farm

But I can tell you he probably could never have envisioned what happens in farming today. I am not yet sure how I am going to incorporate my love of television into this week’s blog entry but I’ll give it my best shot. After all, the only show that I watch that even remotely has a farm is the Fabulous Beekman Boys and their farm stands (no pun intended) for everything a good farm should embody – local, sustainable, etc.

However, I was entertaining guests this weekend, and I won’t say where so I don’t give anything away; but, in some circles, this particular farm is known for having the best key lime pie in the tiniest end of a certain elongated island…..allegedly.

As a good host, I thought I would show them the farm as we were driving past it on the way to a friends home that she rented while her new home is being built – when she called it The Sopranos house (there I got a reference in without even trying) – I had to check it out, fake flowers and all.

Speaking of mobsters, I simply can’t get enough of Mob Wives. If you haven’t watched it yet, set the DVR and be prepared – “it’s going to be a bumpy night”. Now, If you can guess who said that line and in which movie and who appeared in her first Hollywood movie in the same film, you will win anything from my online store. I thought I would change up where the contest is placed just to see who is paying attention. This one is extremely easy so I would get your answer in fast as the first one to get it right, wins.

Back to Mob Wives – it makes Jersey Shore look like the O.C. Wow, I am really getting in a lot of television and I am not even trying this week. Many of the really good lines can not be repeated in my PG-13/R rated blog but this one was too good to pass up. Renee was talking about the day that the Feds made a huge bust on the mob and many and I think the number was 175 men were arrested. She looks at the New York Post and says, “Finally they get the good pictures in there. Usually, they look like s###.” Later that same episode, Renee again said something along the lines of: we can never have a family dinner as there is always someone missing or in jail.

Anyway, back to the farm. It was so bad that I had to take pictures and you will get to seethem right alongside these words. These pictures will make you never want to eat farm raised fish again. And farmed fish probably have the best living conditions of all conventionally raised animals.


































Not only did the conditions smell horribly but the fish didn’t even look healthy. In fact, when you peeked into the tanks, the fish barely moved – I thought they were dead at first until one turned onto its side – when do fish lie on their sides. The water was brown and putrid looking with detritus along the surface. Taking these pictures, I felt like Julia Roberts (only my teeth/mouth isn’t as big) in Erin Brockovich. I couldn’t help myself as I was mesmerized/ horrified by the conditions.

I wish every one of you could have been there. I know I talk about supporting local farmers and eating organically as much as possible but there really is a reason I say these things. It can not possibly be healthy to be consuming fish swimming in its own excrement. Even the fish are what they eat. In fact, fish farming has become so pervasive that it is now possible for a restaurant or fishmonger to choose the color of their salmon from a palette similar to the ones you might see in a paint store – that’s just not right (OK – bonus question: which television show made that line famous; extra points if you can name the character)

Speaking of characters, the Real Housewives of New Jersey had its season premiere thisweek. I had given up hope on that show but thought I would give it another chance. And it did not disappoint. I was riveted. Just when you thought Teresa was the least classy bitch on TV, along comes her brother. Mamma mia – they are cut from the same cheese cloth. I can’t decide who’s tackier. There is so much I want to say right now but it has nothing to do with anything I am talking about but I ask this one question: Why is Teresa involved in every brawl that goes down on that show? This one took place at a baby’s christening. Wow! Is all I can say.

The reason why improper farming techniques bothers me so much is because most Americans are ignorant of what is actually happening. Many of us can relate to the fact that when we go to Europe or other countries (and I am not saying Europe is a country) we can eat anything we want and not gain weight. Or, I will hear people say that they haven’t changed a thing in their diet yet they are putting on weight.

It’s not YOU! It’s not something YOU are doing to yourself. It is something that is being done TO us. We are being slowly poisoned to the point that even if you wanted to eat in a healthy manner 100% of the time, it would be impossible. It makes me really angry – not enough to throw over a table at a christening but angry enough to write harshly.

Because, let’s face it: when you cook, you are touching someone on an intimate level – a cellular level to be precise; so why is it so difficult to demand that we not be harmed in the process. Not only that, but big agribusiness wants us to believe that what they do is noble – they are able to feed more people with less land. True enough, but at what cost???? When are we going to demand that our food supply be healthy for us?

When are we going to demand that organic food be subsidized so the average shopper can afford it? When are we going to wake up and realize that big pharma and big agribusiness are in bed together consciously or subconsciously conspiring to make us unwell?

That was quite a rant – I feel like Santana after she wasn’t elected prom queen on Glee and said that when they got to New York City for nationals, she was going to bail to live in a lesbian colony…or Tribeca.

So, send this to someone who might want to know the information contained in this blog, enter the contest – it’s an easy one so the bonus question may have to determine who wins if there is a tie. And follow me on twitter@drfredpescatore and become a fan on facebook.