Omega-3s help protect your memory 


As much as the powers-that-be want to keep fish oil down, there’s really no denying its health benefits. And study after study helps prove it. 

In fact, in a new, unique study, researchers investigated the effect of omega-3 fatty acids on memory retention. And the results are promising. 

Here’s everything you need to know… 

Omega-3 stops memory decline 

First things first: This was a small study, featuring only 33 people. But when you’re not working with Big Pharma money, you have to start somewhere—and large, impressive studies are tough to pull off. 

A little over half of these subjects took omega-3 supplements twice daily—while 15 served as controls. Then, the researchers administered memory tests to the subjects both at the beginning of the study, and again after six months.  

Ultimately, they found that the memory function of the subjects who took omega-3 supplements stayed stable over the study period. The control group, however, suffered from notable memory deterioration. 

The best advice I can give 

This new study is based on a previous, larger analysis from 15 years ago, which featured more than 200 Alzheimer’s patients. That older study looked at whether supplements can boost omega-3 levels in the brain—and it found that, yes, they can.  

Because of this, the researchers concluded that the earlier you start taking omega-3 supplements, the better. And, well… advice doesn’t really get better than that.  

I’m always talking to you about how prevention is always the better way to approach health. And that’s the truth, for ALL illnesses… not just Alzheimer’s disease.  

You lose your ability to influence the outcome of most diseases the longer you wait to address them. So, if you’re sick of hearing my preventative medicine approach, perhaps you’ll listen to these researchers:  

“The best piece of advice we have to offer at the moment is to be physically active and to include omega-3 in your diet—in the form of oily fish or as supplements.”  

Sound familiar? Because I couldn’t agree more. Fish oil is a staple of my Desert Island supplement list for a reason. (See the August 2020 issue of my monthly Logical Health Alternatives newsletter.) So if you haven’t already, start taking 3,000 mg of DHA/EPA today, and every day.   

And for additional ways to help protect and restore memory, strengthen focus, and fight dementia, I encourage you to check out my Alzheimer’s Prevention and Treatment Plan. To learn more about this online learning tool, or to enroll today, click here now! 


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