One simple secret to staying impossibly young

I know I’ve said it before. But I really do love hearing from you.

Knowing that my readers take the information I share with them to heart is an amazing feeling. That’s why reading your thoughts and success stories is one of the highlights of my job.

And when I get a message like the one I recently received from a reader named Anna in Toronto, Ontario, well… I just have to share it.

Anna is a subscriber to my monthly newsletter, Logical Health Alternatives. (And you should be, too. If you haven’t yet, consider subscribing today.) In the January issue, I shared some frightening statistics about “sitting disease”—along with one critical secret to aging younger.

And if Anna’s story is any indication, she’s reaping the rewards of this knowledge firsthand.

She writes:

“Thanks so much for this month’s issue. Reading it brought back memories of a friend’s 60th birthday party last summer. You see I play squash several times a week, as do many of my friends. While I’m only 47, many of my friends turned 60 last year. This particular friend had a birthday party and invited folks from all walks of his life. He created special ‘medals’ for those friends that also turned 60 that year so they could celebrate together and be recognized in the crowd. Later in the evening he stood atop a 4 foot hill and called to his fellow ‘60s’ to join him in a toast. Well, I tell you, there was a marked difference between those friends who played squash, and his other friends. The ones who played squash not only bounded up the slope, but also looked much younger that the ones that lead more sedentary lives and had trouble making it up the hill! I’m proud to be among those friends that exercise and take good care of themselves. They are my role models.”

The moral of this terrific story? Forget expensive creams and plastic surgery. Stick with me, and you’ll never cringe at another birthday again.

Just don’t forget to write me—either through my website or on Facebook. Because you better believe I want to hear all about it.