One small change that could transform your health

Sugary drinks like soda are killing our country, sip by lethal sip. Yet, consumption shows no signs of slowing down. And any legislative efforts to stop the damage seem to hit roadblocks at every turn.

That’s why I’ll never stop championing the cause. And why I’ll always jump on an opportunity to remind you that the only place in your kitchen where soda belongs is right down the drain.

So today, I want to share the results of a new study that show just how big of an impact ditching soda can actually make…

Researchers at Virginia Tech recently used data from the 2007-2012 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) to determine the effect of replacing sugary drinks with water. And the findings were as clear as they come.

In fact, replacing just one sugary drink per day with water could make a significant impact on the obesity epidemic.

Based on results of previously published analyses, they predict a 35 percent drop in obesity. Just from swapping out a single Coke for water.

But let’s be clear about something: Coke isn’t the only villain here. So-called “sports” drinks, sweet tea, Frappuccinos, even fruit juice — all of these drinks count as “sugary beverages.” And as I’ve explained in great detail before, all of them will make you fat and sick.

The trick here is to replace these sugar-packed options with fresh, filtered water instead. It might sound boring, but it doesn’t have to be. I often throw in lemons, mint, berries, or cucumbers for a little extra zing.

Your taste buds won’t miss a thing. But your body will feel the difference.