Onions add another layer to brain protection

Onions don’t get much attention in mainstream science–but that seems to be changing. A new study in the journal Nutrition found that onions may help protect the brain from damaging swelling linked with a stroke. And, while it’s just a mouse study, it is compelling.

Researchers say that the antioxidants in onion extract had a significant effect in protecting two critical enzymes. And those enzymes protected what’s known as the “blood-brain barrier.” That’s the very thin membrane that separates circulating blood from fluid surrounding the brain.

In this case, when the blood-brain barrier was protected, the brain was protected from swelling after a stroke.

Obviously, the best defense is to prevent strokes in the first place. And with my New Hamptons Health Miracle along with circulation-promoting supplements, you’ve got plenty of tools for doing that as well.

But if throwing a few onions on your salad or into your stir-fry can give you a little added insurance “just in case,” I say why not?

“Onion (Allium cepa) extract attenuates brain edema.” Nutrition 2012; July 6 (epub ahead of print)