Packaged food producers romancing ingredients

Bad romance

Do you remember when Snackwells first hit the market?

Those were the first fat-free cookies. People were eating boxes of them–in one sitting.  After all, if they’re fat-free, they must be healthy. Right?


They may have been fat-free, but they were chock full of sugar. Not to mention a laundry list of chemicals. But the “fat-free” label seduced the cookie-loving consumer. And so it goes today.

The processed foods industry is still trying to figure out new ways to seduce you. They know you’re into “healthy” products now. They know you want “whole foods”… “wholesome ingredients”…

A new report shows that packaged food producers are now “romancing the ingredients” in an effort to get even more of your money.

My advice? If you want romance, read a novel. Don’t waste your time with packaged products. Don’t waste your money. And most importantly, don’t waste your health!

Your hard-earned dollars are better spent on organic foods. With spring arriving early in many parts of the country, farmers markets will soon be in full swing (if they’re not already). And the produce you find there truly is wholesome and healthy.