Pain-eliminating secrets straight from your kitchen

I had to laugh when I saw a recent article in my inbox. So let me just give you the headline, and then I’ll skewer it:

“Clinicians Hungry for Education on Diet for Pain Management”

Oh, so NOW mainstream doctors are interested in knowing more about the widespread health benefits provided by proper nutrition?! (After Monday’s article on nutrition’s benefits for diabetes, perhaps this is becoming a trend in mainstream medicine…)

Ha! Give me a break!

Alternative health practitioners have been using tried, true, and scientifically proven nutritional therapies for decades now. And I can tell you from my own personal experience, mainstream doctors haven’t exactly been banging down my door for advice…

But I suppose now that they no longer have their choice of opioids to build their next waiting room of addicts, it seems they’re finally pulling their heads out of the sand when it comes to pain management solutions…

One in five doctors never discuss diet 

According to a recent survey, participants enrolled in a diet and pain management course reported being significantly more confident about doling out nutrition advice to patients.

A majority of the respondents worked in the health care field, including medical doctors, osteopathic doctors, acupuncturists, nurses, and dieticians — more than half of whom had been practicing for over 15 years. And more than 60 percent of whom reported receiving minimal diet and supplement education as part of their education!

Isn’t that sad? Almost as sad as the fact that a good two-thirds of these highly educated medical professionals never once thought to look at alternatives to addictive, liver-failure-causing pain medications before now…

And that’s not the only depressing statistic. More than 20 percent of respondents said they rarely — or never — talk about diet or supplements with their patients who are managing pain. While upwards of 30 percent said that they do have this conversation… but only occasionally.

Survey results also showed that a huge portion of these participants also had no idea that there was a direct link between diet and inflammation. And I have to ask… Were these people living under a rock?!

My advice? Stop going to these bozos! Because the willful ignorance is downright appalling.

Conventional docs can’t be bothered

This course spent a lot of time focusing on how different nutritional approaches — like the ketogenic diet, the Mediterranean diet, or an elimination diet — can offer relief to patients in pain.

First off, why did it take so long for these professionals to receive education about these approaches?! I just don’t get it…

All of this information has been for widely available for decades. It’s not like the benefits of nutrition have been hidden away in dusty scientific journals. Rather, they’ve been at the center of countless best-selling publications. (Not least of all my own, and many of my respected colleagues’.)

But even if this information wasn’t so easy to come by… Don’t they have time to read scholarly articles on their own? After all, as a health care professional, it’s pretty important to keep up with the latest medicinal advances, don’t you think? My suggestion to them: Make time, just like I do.

But then, you know what that would mean… If all clinicians took the time that my colleagues and I do, there’d be a lot fewer prescriptions filled. And Big Pharma can’t have that, now can they? After all, there’s a full-fledged opioid epidemic they need to keep fueling!

The bottom line is this: Nutritional pain management is something that any clinician, at any stage, can do. The fact that there aren’t any formal guidelines should never be an excuse for a doctor to refrain from explaining this risk-free option to their patients.

It’s frustrating because it’s as if mainstream docs need a step-by-step instruction manual for everything! Why do they need everything spoon-fed to them?

I’ll tell you why: Big Pharma. If you don’t play by their rules, you risk being sued for malpractice. (Meanwhile, they’ve essentially been serving up heroin by a different name for all docs to prescribe freely. And you can see where that has gotten us…)

The point is, if your doctor doesn’t take the time to explain all of your options for your individual needs — especially safe, risk-free ones — then it’s time for you to find another health care provider who will.

This hole in the current state of American health care is exactly why I chose to author my Pain-Free Protocol. It’s chock full of all-natural solutions — including nutritional recommendations — for reliving and eliminating all types of pain. To learn more about this innovative learning tool, or to enroll today, simply click here.