Pandemic stress taking a toll

Our country is going through something extremely profound at the moment…

We’re experiencing radical shifts in how we work, eat, travel, and more.

Not to mention, crime, mass shootings, and traffic accidents are on the rise.

Many of us respond by blaming the other side. But, no matter who is to blame, I never hear anyone talking about the why.

Of course, I understand we’re ALL going through a sense of trauma.

And instead of collectively coping, we are fighting. I do think we owe it to ourselves to do better. What happened to loving our differences?

At some point, we have to take a step back and ask: What is all of this post-pandemic rage and stress doing to us physically?

Well, new research can help answer that question…

Politics are hard on the heart

According to the American Psychological Association Stress in American 2020 survey—conducted about 3 months before the last presidential election—hospitalizations for heart events increased substantially after this high-stress affair.

The survey included nearly 6.4 million adults.

It showed that hospital admissions for acute cardiovascular disease (CVD) increased by 17 percent five days post-election, compared to the five days before the election. And acute heart attack risk skyrocketed by 42 percent!

What’s more, the authors noted that “77 percent adults cited the future of the country as a substantial source of stress, enhanced by the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.”

Which brings me back to the question above: What are these heighted emotions doing to us physically?

Natural stress relief, heart protection

There’s growing evidence that psychological health contributes to heart health.

I mean, how could it not? We all know how our blood pressure or pulse rises when we feel stress. (Neither of which are great for your heart.)

So—what can we do?

I recommend turning to natural stress relievers like yoga and meditation.

If you can’t commit to making these practices part of your daily routine, at least consider them any time leading up to—and after—a big event…

Yoga is an amazing practice that has been around for centuries. And previous research even found it may help with stroke recovery (let alone protecting your heart prior to such an event).

Plus, by channeling a sense of Zen through meditation, you may also heighten your immunity.

Of course, following a proper diet filled with healthy fats, lean proteins, and vegetables will help support a healthy heart as well. For additional lifestyle interventions that help safeguard your heart, check out my Ultimate Heart-Protection Protocol.

Finally, I encourage everyone to protect their own psychological health, as well as fellow citizens. Then, really try to take to heart the saying that goes something like this: “Love your neighbor.”

And really, there’s no better time to start then today, on Independence Day, where we celebrate our many freedoms, together, as a nation.

Happy 4th of July!

Until next time,
Dr. Fred


“2020 Presidential Election Tied to Spike in Cardiac Events.” Medscape, 04/26/2022.