Pepper can help prevent weight gain

Pepper fights fat

I wrote awhile back about the power of hot chili peppers for reducing blood pressure. Now, now there’s evidence that black pepper has its own health benefits.

The research comes from the American Chemical Society, and was published in the April issue of the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

Researchers zeroed in on a substance called “piperine,” which gives pepper its pungent taste. And they found evidence that piperine can help prevent weight gain.

Using laboratory studies and computer models, the researchers discovered that piperine interferes with genes that control the formation of new fat cells. In doing so, piperine may also set off a metabolic chain reaction that controls fat in other ways.

They believe piperine or black pepper extracts might be an effective tool for fighting weight gain and its related concerns.

Unfortunately, piperine supplements aren’t extremely common. There is a standardized piperine supplement available called Bioperine, which you can find online. It’s sold individually as well as in combination formulas, thanks to its ability to help boost the absorption of other ingredients. (In fact, it’s one of the ingredients in my CircuLogic formula for that very reason. You can learn more about CircuLogic and its benefits by visiting

Of course, it certainly won’t hurt to add an extra sprinkle of pepper to your morning omelet too–and any other meal that can use a bit of added zest.

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