PLANTS protect health in a ROBUST way

If you’ve ever seen one of my videos, then you know I’m a plant fanatic.

I have plants outside in the yard—as well as inside my office and home. I just love surrounding myself with them.

And get this…

Not only do plants brighten up a dreary room, but they can also protect your health in a ROBUST way.

The air we breathe

Recently there’s been talk about how plants communicate with each other. They can warn other trees about invaders and water conditions—perhaps through their root systems or air.

It’s quite fascinating.

Of course, there’s so much that we still don’t know about plants.

But what most do know, is that plants produce oxygen.

And now, researchers believe they can also soak up harmful chemicals in the air!

More specifically, scientists from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) found that plans can REMOVE nearly all cancer-causing fumes from a room.

How about that!

Remove 97 percent of toxic compounds from indoor air

If we’ve learned anything from COVID, it’s the fact that indoor air quality is often significantly more polluted than outdoor air. But even I had no idea the problem was so vast.

Get this…

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), over six million premature deaths from all around the globe are due to poor indoor air quality.

Think about it: Most people spend the majority of their time inside. So really, having effective strategies in place to mitigate the harmful effects of indoor air pollution is absolutely critical.

This team of researchers found that even having a small mix of indoor plants removed 97 percent of the most toxic compounds from the air within just eight hours.

(Of note, gasoline fumes and benzene, a known carcinogen, were removed.)

In other words, the best, most cost effective, sustainable way to combat indoor air pollution is with plants.

Why not stop by a nice home and garden store or local nursey to grab a few?

I find that plants look nice (and thrive) in almost every room. But don’t limit yourself to the typical choices, like pothos. Try your hand (or thumb) with different varieties—like rubber trees, Boston ferns, Ficus trees, bamboo palms, bromeliads, and dwarf dates. (I even grew a coconut tree once!)

For quick tips and tricks, head to your local gardening center. They’ll be happy to help you spruce up your home (and your health)!

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