Probiotics for the lactose intolerant

Q. “You mention  your formula  of probiotic has the highest concentrate of lactic acid. If one were lactose intolerant would this be upsetting to one’s digestive tract. In other words would it create gas, bloating, cramps, etc.? Or is this lactic acid of a different nature than what is contained in milk? I have tried the Activia yogurt and had upset in my digestive tract for days.”

Dr. Fred:

The probiotic that I recommend, Dr. Ohhirra’s, contains lactic acid bacteria, not lactose. That is a completely different substance and nothing to do with lactose so you will be able to tolerate it without any difficulty. And I would bet that your lactose intolerance would probably fade away if you took the probiotic regularly. So if you take this probiotic, you can say goodbye to that bloating, gas, and cramps.

Lactic acid bacteria contribute to the body’s mucosal microflora that we destroy on a daily basis through what we eat, lack of sleep, etc. Activia or any other food or yogurt claiming to have all of these active cultures and probiotics that are good for your digestion is yet another form of marketing bad food products to unsuspecting customers.

Those foods contain too much sugar to allow any of the probiotic they may contain to reach the intestine where it needs to work. The naturally occurring sugar just negates the effect and these products usually contain just one strain of probiotic. Dr. Ohhira’s contains 10 strains which allow your body to reproduce your own natural flora. That’s the key to any good probiotic and the only one that I know that does this is Dr. Ohhira’s.