Proud Merry

I want to break from my usual routine this Friday to share an amazing comment I received last week. It comes from a reader named Merry in Kansas–and let me say, it made my day.

Just keep reading, and you’ll see why:

I am 65, work full-time, have a large family, and have had diabetes for over 18 years. I started the six week cure for diabetes not quite two weeks ago.

My doctor was 100 percent behind my doing it. I explained the basics of the plan. But the change in my test results and energy level–as well as the elimination of my arthritis pain–definitely impressed him.

This diet is amazing! I’ve already halved my diabetes medication. And now I’m on my way to getting off of it entirely.

I felt kind of miserable the first two days, and the one time I cheated I felt sick all night. (NOT doing that again.) I’m not ever going back. I have so much energy and feel SOO good!

This is a lifestyle change, not a diet.

Oh, and 5 lbs off during Christmas!!! Best program I have ever tried! It works!!!

This is the type of feedback that makes my work so incredibly rewarding.

I say it all the time: Outsmarting diabetes and obesity can be simple, delicious, and deprivation-free. And if you commit to changing your life–instead of simply going on a “diet”–good health will come to you as easily as breathing.

And the benefits will last indefinitely.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. People like Merry are taking control of their health with the help of my New Hamptons Health Miracle every day. And celebrating their success is the highlight of my job.

Keep it up, Merry. And thank you for sharing your story with me.