Rachael Ray & Me…. Pretty Good Company

Looking for an Island…. Actually we were hoping to teach people how to cure their sweet tooth.  Something that is doable within three short days!  I was a recent guest on her show and Rachael was generous enough to share her stage with me so we could together teach her audience how to lose the sweet tooth.

Most of my readers, I am sure want to know the behind the scenes look at the Rachael Ray show so, let me not disappoint…..  Being on the show was a fun experience – the producers were great; I got my own green room (the room where you wait to go on – why its called green is a mystery to me since those rooms are never green) which was fitted out with a basket of fruit and various drinks; a supermodel, ok, ex-supermodel was down the hall from me.  I got the full hair and makeup treatment (could have lived without that) and even a car to take me home when I was through taping – pretty fancy stuff for the likes of me.  But, best of all and what you really want to know: Rachael was a treat to work with.  She was so down to earth, accessible and seemed genuinely interested in the topic.

It is so important to someone like me to have someone like her take an interest in my passion to help people get healthier; and if getting healthier involves losing weight, even better.  The reason being is because her audience is devoted to her and her guests; and she is able to reach so many more people in a single hour than I ever could.  So, I consider myself very fortunate when I get to be a guest on someone of her stature’s show.

So, the bottom line is that you can lose your cravings for sugar in just three short days. They may not be the most enjoyable three days of your life, but it is an achievable goal.  I do this with my patients each and every day.  You can succeed just as easily as they can.

Watch the clip and let me know what you think. I could tell you what those tips are but you are going to have to watch and find out.  The one thing I will tell you is to not do what the audience member that they used did – cop out at the last minute.  Granted it was hard for her as they chose someone who worked with sugar as her job – she is an artist that uses sugar in her work on a daily basis and tastes her art to get the right textures- I mean clearly there must be some other way but who am I to argue with someone’s right to free expression – although, isn’t that what I do everyday come to think of it?

I mean we each have the right to choose to eat what we want, and when we want to eat it.  I constantly berate people about their food choices and try to encourage them to make the healthier choices. So why is this any different??? The recent findings from an ongoing health study even said that calories do not matter – it’s the quality of the calories that you eat.