Reigning VICTOR for heart health [must-read]

Having a healthy heart is important.

Otherwise, you’re facing lethal health risks—heart attack, stroke, and more.

Of course, when it comes to protecting your heart, the mainstream has it all WRONG.

Study after study shows the top drug prescribed by cardiologists—statins—has more risk than benefit.

Instead, a more natural approach is taking the crown.

Exciting-yet-unsurprising results

A new meta-analysis of 884 studies evaluated 27 different types of antioxidant supplements suggests some micronutrients offer significant cardiovascular benefits.

And it wasn’t a short list.

Those micronutrients included: omega-3 and -6 fatty acids, folic acid, coenzyme Q10, L-arginine, L-citrulline, magnesium, zinc, alpha-lipoic acid, melatonin, catechin, curcumin, flavanol, genistein, and quercetin.

Meanwhile, the review didn’t find any effects with vitamins C, D, E—or selenium.

But those of us in complimentary medicine have known this for years!

(Isn’t it a little sad that it has taken modern science this long to uncover what we’ve known for decades? All because of mainstream medicine’s dogmatic approach to anything new unless it’s invented by Big Pharma…)

Well, we’ll see how far this study takes them. Because wouldn’t it be nice for conventional medicine to finally create an optimal nutritional strategy to promote heart health?

Good for the heart

Regardless of these findings, there remain to be plenty of naysayers. And really, do you expect anything less?

NO study on nutritional supplements is ever good enough for modern medicine. Not when their philosophy relies on putting patients on a statin medication to reduce their cholesterol to practically nothing. AND ignoring the fact the cholesterol is necessary for the body to function!

Ironically, the American Heart Association (AHA) now issues dietary recommendations for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Granted, they’re rather pathetic recommendations, like the DASH diet—but at least they also mention the Mediterranean diet.

And, folks, what makes the Medi diet so good for the heart?

You guessed it! It’s rich in micronutrients such as phytochemicals, unsaturated fatty acids, antioxidant vitamins, and minerals. (The same exact things they don’t want people taking in supplement form! Ah, the irony.)

My advice? Follow a Mediterranean-style diet full of organic meat, wild-caught fish and seafood, fresh produce, and healthy fats (from olive or macadamia nut oil, nuts and seeds, and eggs).

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Until next time,
Dr. Fred


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