Resistance training helps balance blood sugar

Just do it

When you hear the word exercise, you probably think of biking, walking, jogging, etc. But there’s another form of exercise that gets less attention. It’s called resistance training. When you do hear about it, it’s usually in regards to keeping your muscles and bones strong. But this type of exercise also helps balance blood sugar.

What exactly is resistance training? Well, think about picking up a gallon of milk. That’s the basic concept of resistance training–using the weight of an object as resistance to strengthen muscles.

A group of Italian scientists recently investigated which type of exercise helps blood glucose the most. They studied 40 patients with type 2 diabetes. The patients were randomly assigned to either a four-month aerobic or muscle-strengthening program. They measured each patient’s insulin sensitivity, blood sugar levels, and body fat, as well as heart, respiratory, and muscle strength.

Turns out, both forms of exercise improved all the markers. Everyone had better blood sugar levels. They lost body fat. Their cardio strength improved.

The muscle-strengthening group did have stronger muscles. Their bones likely got stronger, too, which reduces osteoporosis risk.

But all in all, everyone was a lot healthier.

This study proves a very important point. Any type of exercise will help you fight diabetes. Doesn’t matter what it is. A little bit every day really pays off. Whether it’s that evening walk around the block or investing in a set of 5lb dumbbells to lift while you’re watching the nightly news.

As the ads used to say, “Just do it.”